Do you need a team leader to accelerate sales
and reduce customer acquisition cost?

I help software companies increase revenue and retain customer base by building end-to-end sales development platforms. I build brands, acquire new customers and increase LTV with proven growth, retention and referral strategies.

Currently I run growth @ Breezy HR, a uniquely simple, visual recruiting tool for small business. Past client brands include: Microsoft, EverBank, Chick-fil-A, University of Texas and Ethan Allen.

Sales Development Solutions

Sales Dev is a blend of technology and services to build measurable, repeatable end-to-end sales process. Solutions outline sales prospecting, messaging, automation and goals to measure your results.

Sales Prospecting

A blend of social, tech and people will develop a database of targeted, qualified sales prospects to fill the top of the funnel.

Lead Generation

Sales prospects are targeted with social, email, content and ad campaigns to generate curiosity and schedule a phone call with your team.

Marketing Automation

Prospects are tracked across the funnel and their activity triggers automated marketing actions to present an offer via ad, email or outbound call.

Social Selling

Sales teams are trained to use core social media platforms for direct outreach, community development and to build thought leadership.

Client Success in 2014

Engagements featured by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, SocialFresh, Social Media Today, Jacksonville Business Journal, Social Media Examiner, Sun Sentinel and Advantage Business Magazine.


Led Microsoft team to increase mobile app downloads by 112%. The customer acquisition strategy generated mobile app downloads at a reduced CPA with highly targeted Facebook ads.

The University of Texas at Austin

Delivered 14,000 prospects and acquired 14 full-time students in 90 days to launch the University of Texas at Austin Professional Development Center first-ever software development certificate program.


Launched a social media automation platform to help B2B businesses accelerate sales through LinkedIn. We're currently converting 88% of web visitors into users. // Sign up for Aptvue //

Marketing Expertise

My expertise is a combination of sales prospecting, marketing technology, sales writing and data-driven advertising. Sales development solutions are custom to the client's goals, team and budget.

  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Selling
  • Content Marketing
  • Search & Social Advertising
  • Sales Data & Analytics
  • Leadership & Team Building

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